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Private Rooms - Your Own Space to Be Nourished

Our staff will guide you into your treatment room and set up your session on the vibration-based wellness technology of your choice. The VibraSonic is more focused on pain relief, recovery, muscle tone, fitness, cellular energization, and lymph and micro-circulation. Our clients often report feeling grounded and centered when this treatment is complete. The VEMI is more focused on decreasing stress and anxiety, moving into deep relaxation, accessing a meditative state, and tissue and cellular wellness. Sessions on each machine can help you feel calmly energized and refreshed, ready to meet life from a connection with your own center.

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Meditating Outdoors



'The No Sweat Full Body Workout'


VibraSonic technology combines the powerful sound plate that you stand on and proprietary sound frequency technology to exercise the body passively, enhance recovery, increase cell voltage, relieve pain, help release metabolic waste and toxins, increase circulation of blood and lymphatic fluid, prevent bone loss, reduce the appearance of cellulite, clear energy blocks, increase endorphins, relieve stress and so much more.


Rather than generate vibration from a mechanical motor, which has a harder start/stop and relies on the jostling from the feet up, the VibraSonic base plate rides powerful sound waves generated from a speaker below that has a frequency range of 0.1 – 100,000 Hz. So while other vibration plates will use mechanical motors to generate vibration, the VibraSonic uses sound to generate vibration in a curved sine wave, safely and effectively sending vibration through your whole body, sending vibration through every atom and impacting the trillions of cells that your body is made of  for a refreshingly energizing full-body experience. Each session on the VibraSonic will deliver a wide range of frequencies that will provide a wide range beneficial effects.


Vibroacoustic, Electro Magnetic & Infrared Therapies

This all-in-one therapy includes VibroAcoustic, ElectroMagnetic & Infrared technology that uses healing sound resonance in tandem with full-body vibrations, natural earth frequencies and infrared for an unbelievable mind, body, spirit experience that is only reached in deep meditation states. The VEMI grounds the body and eliminates the effects caused by electro-smog radiation and recharges and detoxifies all the cells in the body, balancing all the body systems for ultimate rejuvenation.


Vibroacoustic Electro Magnetic And Infrared Therapy

  • Vibro-Acoustic: Deep meditative state in minutes, this is when and where the body heals itself

  • Electro Magnetic Harmonics: Open cellular communication to all cells in the body and removes static EMF radiation from your cells & body

  • Infrared: Warms your body from the inside out creating energy reactions like moderate exercises


Create a cohesive experience through the senses to relax the nervous system and draw you into the present moment in a calmly energized, rejuvenated state to support healing and an overall sense of well-being.

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